Thursday, July 19, 2012

Let Your AC Unit Help Water Your Garden

Sure you have noticed that there is a small pipe attached to your air conditioning unit it that has water draining out of it. The pipe is a drain for A/C condensate. A/C Condensate is water vapor that is pulled from the air by your air conditioner as it works to cool the environment inside your home. This water is mineral free, pure water that can & should be recycled. While I would not drink the recovered A/C condensate, your plants will love it. Watering your plants with A/C condensate recycled water is another way to recycle while also saving on your water bill. I pour the A/C condensate water from the catch pan to a 5 gal. bucket to warm up before watering the garden.
My A/C condensate water pipe is a bit different as so many things in the 1919 built Cada Da BillsGarden,there is not one.  I noticed this when I first bought the house, the home inspector said the water was draining down the insulated copper pipe from the condenser coils to the air handler,I have checked the pan & it’s always dry.  

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