Chat-to converse with a familiar group of online friends in an informal manner with the open exchange of knowledge of all things green & growing.

Below are the Chats I try to attend every week, great places to learn hope to see you there.

#NightGardenChat-Every night in the middle of the night when you can't sleep.

@BG_garden )
A weekly conversation for anyone interested in all forms of gardening. Every Mon, 9-10 PM EST 

Twitter Show that happens every Monday Night on Twitter at 8pm EST. Each week we have a different theme where people from around the world share foodie ideas, recipes and new restaurants they have tried.

Chatting about everything to do with trees. 

2 pm EST 


3pm EST

2 pm EST

 2m ET Thursdays, Learn more about Herbs from each other!


All things seeds in the virtual garden.
8pm Central
9pm Eastern 

#groundchatA weekly tweetup about soil and soil-related topics (Friday 2-3 pm EST/ 11 am PST)

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