Sunday, July 6, 2014

I Purpose there is Nothing So Sweet as a $3.00 Rose

Thanks from a Rose Newbie to who is no longer scared enjoy growing roses to 
 for their encouragement & the great information on their websites, #rosechat & Rose Chat Podcast

Rescued Roses
To set a Rose free, as from the danger or
 imprisonment of a big box store, deliver
  or save and provide a loving home in
Seminole Heights, Florida

7 Apricot Drifts 1 of Teresa's Fav's
 1 Double Red Knockout
 3 Coral Drifts
 1 Mystery Classic
2 Knock Out Red Singles

and a Partridge in a Pair Tree

Saturday, June 14, 2014

Advantages and Disadvantages of Florida Basket Rose Gardening

·         Decorative Baskets add to the beauty of a rose.
·         You are able to use your landscape space more efficiently since Baskets can be spaced a little closer than plants in the ground. Just make sure the plants still get adequate air circulation and growing room.
·         Baskets are portable. Move them to the patio for your garden party. Group them for added impact and fragrance. Control the micro-climate by moving them for protection from extreme weather that we have in Florida every 3 to 5 years.
·         Baskets can be turned occasionally to maximize light exposure on all sides of the plant.
·         You can better control the soil quality.
·         Baskets are more accessible, you can work with reduced need for bending and stooping. Which after this last week of a sore back, 2 visits to the chiropractor & one for a sports massage less bending and stooping sounds good to me.  Baskets are less accessible to many pests.
·         You can eliminate competition from other plants.
·         Basketed plants are easier to water, spray and fertilize.
·         Gardeners can see how the plants look before committing them to the landscape.  Big point as I’m not sure where my roses are going to end up.
·         Baskets can be isolated for treatment of pests or disease.
·         Baskets are great for areas with poor soil or poor drainage.

·         Baskets require more water than most containers.
·         There are limited types of roses suited for Basket adaptability.
·         Baskets require more frequent feeding and watering.
·         Plants in Baskets are more susceptible to overheating and freezing.
·         Baskets plants may require re-potting as they grow.
·         They must be moved indoors or winterized, if you live where it gets cold.
·         Baskets may experience soil compaction.
·         Baskets that are large can also be heavy.
·         If you decide to plant the rose in the ground later, it may be a large plant to move.

Caring for Basket Roses

Soil - Use a quality potting soil mix.
Light - Provide light as dictated by the variety. Roses generally need full sun.
Water - Water as needed to keep the roots moist for maximum flowering. Avoid getting water on the leaves.
Food - Use diluted plant food. Since water drains out more quickly, so will the fertilizer.
Temperature - Take extra care to prevent freezing.
Grooming - Deadhead spent blossoms and watch for disease and pests
Pruning - Remove old canes and close or crossing canes
Repot - Increase Basket size as needed when growth dictates.

Monday, May 12, 2014

The Great $1 Gerber Daisy Experiment

Can it really be this easy??

The only thing better than a New plant is a 
deal on New plant.  All specimens in this experiment 
were bought for 1/3 or less of their marked retail price.   
A quick trim, removal from very cramped pot, regular
 watering, top dressing of compost and TaDa their Back! 
Step 1-Fill one 3-inch potting container with potting soil
 for each stem cutting.
Step 2-Find healthy and vibrant gerbera daisies in the 
summer during the peak of growth. Clip off a stem just
 above soil level and then cut the stem again so that you 
have a 6-inch stem piece. 
Step 3-Dip the bottom end of the stem into rooting
 hormone and place the stem into the potting soil.
Step 4-Keep the containers where they receive 
indirect sunlight, and watch for the stems to show
 signs of growth. This will indicate that the stems
 are taking root. Continue to keep them evenly watered.
Step 5-Transplant your new super discounted gerbera 
daisies to larger containers when they are established 
and growing well. 

Good Squirrels do not need garden laws to tell them to act
While bad Squirrels will find a way around the
garden laws. ~
Plato & OldSchoolBill 
Starting Over
Please do not tell the Squirrels where they are!!

Sunday, May 11, 2014

Photograph Chronicles of Neglected Mini Roses

The Names  of the Mini Roses Have Been Changed To Protect The Innocent

Defining plant neglect historically has been difficult to do, leading to inconsistencies in policies, practice, and research. Without a consistent definition of plant neglect, it is nearly impossible to compare research results. This inconsistency also leads to variability in the way neglect plants are handled.
The debate over a definition of neglect centers on a lack of consensus in answering these questions:
  • What are the minimum requirements associated with caring for a plant?
  • What action or inaction by a nursery owner or other caregiver constitutes neglectful behavior?
  • Must the nursery owner or caregiver's action or inaction be intentional?
  • What impact does the action or inaction have on the health, safety, and well-being of the plant?
  • What constitutes "failure or inability to provide" adequate food, shelter, protection?
  • Should "failure or inability to protect" be included?
  • Is the action or inaction a result of indifference rather than neglect?

This is Dava
 A little TLC
 Dava de Seminole
 Shows little effect of her neglect
Introducing Drie
 Damaged Drie
So much
Neglected Nelja 
 After a

Poor Pempe
Not to care 
But looks &  
Feels so much

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