Monday, January 30, 2012

No Cost Bird Feeders

 No need to spend money
be a bit Creative & Have Fun!!
 Part of a palm tree that fell off & a
candy dish that had not been used in years

Old box that was in a storage bin in the
back of the Man-Cave drilled a few holes,
tied some string done

Not sure what it was, tied 5 pieces of string,
hung it from the tree  Bird Feeder Now

Old candle holder, 5 bits of string Done
Warped cereal bowl from Kellogg's
drilled 4 holes added string
& hung from the tree

I now have 5 bird feeders, spent no money,
 put something to use & Had Fun
Please practice the
3 R's

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Turn Key Back Yard Chickens Good Deal?

Stopped by to check out their
Turn Key Back Yard Chickens Deal
4'X8' coop
Latched Hatches for Waterer & Feeder

Feeder & Waterer included
Ramp & hen house front
Secured back of hen house
Open back of hen house
Up to 6 chicks & 10lbs of feed

Total Cost is $265.00 complete
Pressure treated wood appears well made
Please let me know what you think

Saturday, January 28, 2012

When a Bird Talks..........

Saturday morning & I hear something
so walked to the back fence
 Thought it was just a Cardinal  singing
 He looked right at Me
& said "My name is RED
I'm hungry & need a bath OldSchool"
I had just cleaned up this area & was
wondering what to go with it?
A little of this a little of that & 
of course no out-of-pocket money
Candy Bowl Bath
Palm Boat Feeder
with Shell's wild bird select
Viewing Center

Friday, January 27, 2012

Mojo Smoked Chicken with my own Herbs

I am so thrilled to use something out of my garden that is not lettuce
This is so easy & so Good
Meet Brinkman VII been using them for years
 I most of the time smoke with scrub oak
Mojo is a Spanish marinade made of bitter onion, lemon & garlic.
The longer you marinate the better
Hap Hap Happy I got to use some of my cilintro, dill & parsley
 Place the rest of the Mojo in the bottom smoker pan
 Place Mojo mix close to the fire
Add water as needed
Mount chicken on chicken stand
Start smoking
About 40 minutes in the smoker
Looks like this in about an hour
Keep the fire going the more smoke the better
It's done when the thickest part of the breast is no longer Pink

Enjoy the Weekend

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

#Gardenchat Inspired #MiniGarden Photo Blog "From the Cliff We Wait for Spring"

The alarm went off at 8:50 pm didn't want to take a chance of missing tonight's  GardenChat on MiniGardens.  As I newbie to gardening I am constantly looking for good info to break the "Curse of Brown Thumb"inadvertently passed down by Mom. If you missed it last night here is the Transcript prepaired by Bern thanks, it's great to go back & catch the things you miss. Try to keep up as best I could I noticed this tweet from  A mini garden can be as small as an inch pot or as big as your imagination. .  It gave me the idea to make my 1st but I'm sure not my last MiniGarden "From the Cliff We Wait for Spring"

Got up had a pot of coffee & headed to the man-cave.  This lovely is where some the things from my past are displayed.  So much better than in a box that you can't see much less see in back under other boxes waiting to be sorted.
Well it IS a MiniGarden, right?  These dolls have been around all my life, my parents bought them when I was a kid & we lived in Japan, there used to be more of them but somebody eat the others.  I decided that my MiniGarden would be made up of things I know, love & that bring back pleasant memories.
 Plants from the porch bed, not sure what they are it was a packet of mixed seeds.
 The cliff can from some old old rotted wood that I should have cleaned up but I just enjoy the texture.
The work bench
Made little holes so the dolls would not fall off the cliff

"We're Waiting"
Almost done

I almost forgot the bowl came from Japan at the same time

 How long to Spring?
"Dōmo arigatō, Mr. Roboto"

Monday, January 23, 2012

Veggies Up Close & Personal