Bob's Outside My Window

Dedicated to all the Bob’s I have the pleasure of watching out my windows.  As a convince to me & to make sure no one get’s their feelings hurt all my animals are named BOB!

July 18th 2013
Wasp Bob outside my window 

September 25th 2012

 RedBob eyeing orange drink

Converted watering can bird feeder attacks Bob

September 19th 2012

#WordlessWednesday lunch for Bob

September 6th 2012
Bob & the bagel

September 3ed 2012

Snaked Bob

September 1st 2012

Looks like another party & Bobs didn't clean up again 

August 29th 2012

Mrs Bob Card 
Left Bob 
Right Bob
Chicita the Bob Feeder

Micky Bob

August 28th 2012

Bob just hanging out saying Hi to Annie

August 26th 2012

Two Boys & Two Bobs

August 25th 2012

Breakfast the most important meal of the day

August 24th 2012

Bob working the new feeder

August 23th 2012

In my 1st life I was a Lamp Bob Feeder

Bubble Gum Bob Feeder

August 22th 2012

Bonnie B. Bob

August 21th 2012

Replacement Don't waste a thing Bob Feeder 

Don't waste a thing Bob Feeder after a rain

August 20th 2012

Don't waste a thing Bob Feeder

August 18th 2012

Bob & the Bagal

Stale bread Bob treat of the day

August 16th 2012
Bob Bug

August 15th 2012

Wee Bob
Bob about to have lunch 

August 14th 2012

Just hanging out?? Join all the Bob’s for #treechat at 2PM EST 
@DaveyTree talking about moving trees 

4 Bob's Tuesday Morning

August 13th 2012

YouTube Bob invites you to watch  @IPPS2012   Mariëtte  
 tonight’s guest on #gardenchat

Happy Monday from Bob the Mysterious Bug

August 11th 2012

Corn for lunch Bob

August 10th 2012
It was way too easy Bob
Do Wop Bob
The new patent pending Bob feeder

August 8th 2012

Forgetaboutit Bob from the Bronx

August 7th 2012

Betty Bob & Barbie Bob of the Brandon Bob's
Bob 1 & Bob 2
They can find anything, anything under the sun! 
BayShore Bob at Breakfast

August 6th 2012
Red-Bellied Bob waiting for tonight's GardenChat 9pm EST
Hang On Tight Bob
Sneaky SOB Bob
Bob the Rain Dove

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