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Video Clips on numerous gardening topics, presented by the Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services, Charles H. Bronson, CommissionerDigital Composter
The what, why, and how of compost by the San Diego Gardener includes information on compost biology, chemistry, and physics and vermicomposting. 
Basics of garden design article published by Dutch Gardens.
Japanese Garden Database
A variety of media and information associated with historical and outstanding gardens of Japan, by Robert Cheetham.
Root Problems on Plants in the Garden and Landscape
Ohio State University Extension Fact Sheet by Stephen Nameth and Jim Chatfield describes and illustrates several root problems that are commonly seen in Florida landscapes with poorly drained soils.

Southern Gardening Forum / Tropicals: Garden Forum
Garden Web hosts these discussion groups where there’s ample garden talk about many plants which grow in Florida.

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See also: Horticulture:
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