Saturday, January 28, 2012

When a Bird Talks..........

Saturday morning & I hear something
so walked to the back fence
 Thought it was just a Cardinal  singing
 He looked right at Me
& said "My name is RED
I'm hungry & need a bath OldSchool"
I had just cleaned up this area & was
wondering what to go with it?
A little of this a little of that & 
of course no out-of-pocket money
Candy Bowl Bath
Palm Boat Feeder
with Shell's wild bird select
Viewing Center


  1. This is brilliant! How inspiring this is and very attractive, too. Are you using a candy bowl as a bath then? How did Red like it?

  2. Thanks,yes the candy bowl was just gathering dust. Have not seen him in it yet. Will let you know as soon as it starts getting used.