Saturday, June 14, 2014

Advantages and Disadvantages of Florida Basket Rose Gardening

·         Decorative Baskets add to the beauty of a rose.
·         You are able to use your landscape space more efficiently since Baskets can be spaced a little closer than plants in the ground. Just make sure the plants still get adequate air circulation and growing room.
·         Baskets are portable. Move them to the patio for your garden party. Group them for added impact and fragrance. Control the micro-climate by moving them for protection from extreme weather that we have in Florida every 3 to 5 years.
·         Baskets can be turned occasionally to maximize light exposure on all sides of the plant.
·         You can better control the soil quality.
·         Baskets are more accessible, you can work with reduced need for bending and stooping. Which after this last week of a sore back, 2 visits to the chiropractor & one for a sports massage less bending and stooping sounds good to me.  Baskets are less accessible to many pests.
·         You can eliminate competition from other plants.
·         Basketed plants are easier to water, spray and fertilize.
·         Gardeners can see how the plants look before committing them to the landscape.  Big point as I’m not sure where my roses are going to end up.
·         Baskets can be isolated for treatment of pests or disease.
·         Baskets are great for areas with poor soil or poor drainage.

·         Baskets require more water than most containers.
·         There are limited types of roses suited for Basket adaptability.
·         Baskets require more frequent feeding and watering.
·         Plants in Baskets are more susceptible to overheating and freezing.
·         Baskets plants may require re-potting as they grow.
·         They must be moved indoors or winterized, if you live where it gets cold.
·         Baskets may experience soil compaction.
·         Baskets that are large can also be heavy.
·         If you decide to plant the rose in the ground later, it may be a large plant to move.

Caring for Basket Roses

Soil - Use a quality potting soil mix.
Light - Provide light as dictated by the variety. Roses generally need full sun.
Water - Water as needed to keep the roots moist for maximum flowering. Avoid getting water on the leaves.
Food - Use diluted plant food. Since water drains out more quickly, so will the fertilizer.
Temperature - Take extra care to prevent freezing.
Grooming - Deadhead spent blossoms and watch for disease and pests
Pruning - Remove old canes and close or crossing canes
Repot - Increase Basket size as needed when growth dictates.

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